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Welcome to Outa the Hive

We are an all Australian family company situated in the Illawarra region about an hour or so South of Sydney NSW Australia. We spend most of our days tending to the bees .. as we like to say, we provide their housing and in return, they pay us the rent (in honey).Here we bring you all the products from the hive in their natural state, just the way nature intended.We go out of our way to produce honey and other hive products in as natural a way as is possible. This means we don’t use any chemicals to treat pests or diseases. We look for natural methods .. herbs and other plants are grown close to the hives to allow the bees to treat themselves as they know best. Where help is needed, we use herbs and natural oils to fight pests and diseases.Honey is extracted using cold extraction methods. It is well known that too much heat damages honey and kills any enzymes in the honey. For the same reason we don’t fine filter our honey as that requires heating the honey and it removes any fine pollen particles which are good for us.because of this our honey can tend to crystallize quicker than other honeys, but this doesn’t mean the honey is off. You can simply warm the honey (no warmer than 30 degrees Celsius) and it will return to its liquid state. Remember … don’t heat it too much as you don’t want to damage it.