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Slow Start to Season

We are already half way through November and its certainly been a slow old start to the season so far. Mother nature is sure out to test us this year. We heard some reports of hive losses further south of here to beetle.
We did have a short showing of beetle about a fortnight ago, but the hives have been building steadily and bee numbers are now strong enough to chase this little pest away.
Be wary of feeding your Nucs at the front entrance at the moment, because we have noticed a bit of a honey drought, I don’t think it will last long as we have seen nectar coming in. All the same, if you do feel like you need to feed your Nucs, try to use internal feeders and keep the entrance hole as small as possible to deter robbing.
With night time temperatures finally climbing, and recent rains, things should finally be on the up and up.
Hopefully some good flows before Christmas.

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