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Stock Levels Rising

With some cooler days, we’ve finally been able to harvest some honey and honeycomb. If bee hives are worked when temperatures get too high, it stresses the bees and is even able to kill the hive. Therefore we’ve been staying out of the hives lately with all these hot days, however as the days are starting to cool, we are finally able to harvest. We have plenty more to do, but we have enough to re-open the web sales… again, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Temporarily Low on Stock

Hi everyone, Just like to thank everyone for their support this season. We are temporarily low on stock but should have our products come available again in about a week or so. Sales have outdone our hard working bees, however the bees are catching up and have honey ready for harvest so in about a week things will start to get back to normal again. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Opening to the Public

There has been a big interest from people to come and visit the Apiary. We are currently working on cleaning and tidying our main work area so that we can invite everyone to come and visit the bees. Te same area will also be used to do workshops on extraction of Honey and the processes involved in gathering cleaning and using beeswax. If you are interested in any particular workshops, please let us know and we’ll try and get them developed also.
Currently we are on track to start the workshops some time in March or April.. so we don’t have much time.. and we still have a lot of work to do. The workshops are not intended for beekeepers only nor for the public only.. we will work through different processes and tasks and you will be able to ask questions based on your level of experience.
We hope you will enjoy these workshops once they start.

Start of a New Season

As slow as the last season appeared to be… this season seems to be well ahead of itself. Last season was quite disastrous for beekeepers throughout NSW and Victoria.. so we can only hope that this one will be better.

We here at Outa The Hive will no longer be painting our bee boxes.. We have been given a wax dipping vat (by Jeff Hunt) and so from here on in we will be sealing all our boxes with Linseed Oil and Beeswax.. No more Paint.. only natural products..

For us this is a continuing program .. using only the best procedures and best materials to produce the finest quality products straight Outa the Hive.

Slow Start to Season

We are already half way through November and its certainly been a slow old start to the season so far. Mother nature is sure out to test us this year. We heard some reports of hive losses further south of here to beetle.

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We hope everyone is happy with our new updated website. We certainly are… we have lost all of those great reviews people wrote (thanx everyone) If you would like, you can reenter your reviews direct into this new site by navigating to the product and entering your reviews.

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Welcome to our new store. This is now an all Australian store.. run and hosted in Australia. Like our product which is produced here, bottled here and sold in the local stores. Take a look around.. enjoy